Local ISP Ethoplex Offers Smart Buildings Program

There's no better way to attract and retain tenants in the Information Age than by providing them with a complete range of advanced communications solutions. Whether a tenant is a large corporation or small-to-medium sized business, Ethoplex can provide the connectivity and services to help tenants prosper in the new digital economy. Ethoplex offers a Smart Building Program to merge the worlds of business and technology.

Ethoplex satisfies data and Internet needs of the most demanding tenants: Corporations requiring high-speed data connections to tie together their regional offices and global operations...Law firms demanding instantaneous transmission of large documents for immediate review...Medical professionals needing online access to x-rays and lab results...Publishers contacting printing houses a continent away.

Ethoplex is the network to connect them all. Its network enters a building through an unobtrusive rooftop antennae — the size of a pizza — which connects to indoor communications equipment. Installation is fast and simple: internal construction ensures no rights-of-way acquisition, no disruption to tenants, and no capital investment.

The result: a property is transformed into a Smart Building overnight. Internet access. High-speed data. Professional services. Video conferencing and VoIP. Disaster recovery and data backup. Bandwidth on demand. And it's all backed by a reliable, continuously-monitored broadband network.

If a building already has a communications network, consider the power of diversity with the Ethoplex network, offering tenants a choice of providers, as well as the assurance of uninterrupted service. Because Ethoplex’s service doesn't rely on in-ground cabling, it won't go down when a cable gets cut; so, your tenants' mission-critical operations are protected.