Ethoplex Offers True Network Diversity

Ethoplex's fixed wireless Internet access is an affordable and scalable alternative to traditional wireline options for businesses. Ethoplex runs a private, wireless broadband network, truly diverse from the wired network.

The Ethoplex network is independent from the wired network, and this diverse path provides an additional level of safety. Ethoplex offers connectivity services that are more secure for both primary broadband and for redundant back-up solutions.

A business may choose a primary ISP or wireline solution, and utilize Ethoplex as a secondary provider to optimize capacity and ensure a physically diverse connection to the Internet. Redundancy is important considering many businesses are migrating key business applications to the cloud.  

Ethoplex's wireless broadband network provides diversity in each key area: physically separate connection to a building, carrier-independent private network and multiple paths to the Internet. 

Diverse routing for critical connections at an affordable rate with Ethoplex Internet Access.