Ethoplex Launches Residential Division, Signal Internet

Signal Home Internet offers no-nonsense Internet plans without all the strings attached. Unlike traditional providers, Signal ensures an easy cut-the-cord switch from cable providers with a simple product, rapid service installation and proactive customer support.

Signal is a fixed wireless Internet Service Provider (ISP), providing Internet access to residential customers throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Signal is guided by three core missions: quality, value and service. The products strive to satisfy these values by offering reliable, quality communications services at a highly competitive price, secured by excellent customer service and the fundamental desire to provide individuals with the best Internet access possible.

  • Signal utilizes quality products through a reliable network, offering the fastest speeds available in the greater Milwaukee area at a highly competitive price.
  • Signal's main goal is to provide Best-in-Breed Internet access to individuals and families in both urban and rural settings in Southeastern Wisconsin.
  • Signal aims to connect individuals, families, and communities in a digital world where Internet access is invaluable to our lives, enhancing the way in which we live via entertainment, communication, and security within the home and beyond.

Signal is powered by the Ethoplex network. Ethoplex was founded in 2000 with the principal focus of offering cutting-edge communications services to business customers in Southeastern Wisconsin. Ethoplex is a fixed wireless Internet Service Provider, offering a refreshing change from the traditional telephone or cable company.